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Each region of the world has its own culinary and cultural riches, travel allows us to discover and be inspired by them.


When we travel, we share a discovery and a precise moment around encounters, products and of course a know-how that is then unknown to us.

We retrace our steps to what seems to us to be our anchor point and there we interpret what we have just brought back with us as a precious treasure.

Good or bad, each one will decide, the know-how educates us and improves us, what is important is the interpretation that we make of it.


Nowadays, cooking has no limits, it knows no boundaries and sometimes, even often, loses us in the identity that we would like to give it.

Everything is within our reach to interpret a cuisine that comes from the world, fruits or vegetables, spices or even meat and fish do not need a passport to reach our door.


My work allows me to discover new cuisines and tricks of the trade with the older generation, but also with the younger ones, who are often not allowed to express themselves enough and I won't change any of this.


What I want to do now is different, sharing and learning are essential to this balance but protecting an environment, its ecosystem and its values are much more important to me today.


A local cuisine seems obvious to me, it can be traditional, classic, thematic or even multi-ethnic.

Above all, it must highlight the local richness of these products, craftsmen and producers. 


Interpretation and responsibility become one, 

Travelling through our culinary know-how must be done while respecting these values.


Discover what is close to us, let your know-how travel, not your ingredients and put them in the spotlight.....

Chef Laurent


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